Home gaming Shroud hints at post-Mixer future with cryptic Tweet

Shroud hints at post-Mixer future with cryptic Tweet

Shroud hints at post-Mixer future with cryptic Tweet

The streamer has been absent since the end of June (Pic: Shroud)

It’s been over a month since his departure from Mixer and it looks like streamer Shroud is finally ready for the next stage in his career.

The sudden closure of streaming site Mixer was a shock to many of us, least of all the people using it.

Among the many streamers who relied on Mixer as a source of income, Shroud (real name: Michael Grzesiek) was easily one of its biggest stars and, after over a month of silence, it appears he’s ready to return to streaming.

In the wake of Mixer shutting down both he and Ninja decided not to transfer over to FaceBook Gaming and had their contracts paid out.

Since then, it appears Ninja has opted to move over to YouTube, but Shroud’s future has been unknown, at least to his followers.

His last tweet had him say he was ‘figuring out [his] next steps’ and now he has shared a very cryptic post hinting towards his plans.

It’s just a short GIF of a gun being fired but we can see flashes of some footage alongside the weapon.

The footage is unclear but more eagle-eyed individuals have noticed that the footage is from Valorant, Riot Games’ free-to-play competitive shooter.

Valorant quickly became a popular title among streamers (pic: Riot Games)

It has been noted that the gun itself, however, is not from Valorant and looks like it belongs in massively multiplayer online shooter Escape From Tarkov.

Shroud had been streaming both of these games in the run-up to Mixer shutting down, so he’s most likely teasing his return to these titles.

The question is where he’ll be streaming them. It’s possible that he’ll follow Ninja and jump to YouTube but it wouldn’t be surprising if he returned to Twitch, considering the platform’s size and popularity.

He even still has an audience there. Though he left Twitch in November 2019, his channel is still up and has over 7 million followers, compared to the 6.35 million he has on YouTube.

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