Shoppers outraged at price of Aldi’s £40 three litre Prosecco – but one bargain hunter reveals how to get it for £20

ALDI is selling a huge three litre bottle of Prosecco for £40 – but some shoppers aren’t impressed with the price.

If you’re planning on raising your spirits this Christmas period then you can, in fact, get the same volume of booze for half that price – and one bargain hunter has explained exactly how.

The Prosecco bottle holds an impressive three litres, but shoppers weren't impressed with the price


The Prosecco bottle holds an impressive three litres, but shoppers weren’t impressed with the priceCredit: Aldi

Cloesdealclub on Instagram has shared how buying four smaller versions of the same Prosecco equal the same amount of alcohol, but they cost less than £20 altogether.

That’s all four for 50% of what you’d have to pay for the big one.

The deal hunting expert shares ways of cutting costs on beauty, home, dining and travel with her 19.6K Instagram followers daily.

In a new post on her story last night, she asked followers to decide if the Prosecco from Aldi was a good deal or not.

But some shoppers have dubbed the £39.99 version of the Prosecco Jeroboam DOC too expensive.

It’s not only that either, the humungous bottle is only available online so you’ll have to fork out another £4.95 to get it delivered.

A total of 73% on the poll Chloe created agreed that the price was a bad deal while 27% voted that the Jeroboam was worth forking out £40 for.

Chloe said: “I’ll confirm this is NOT a good deal.”

She instead went on to explain exactly how you could get the same volume of booze from the supermarket at half the cost.

Four bottles of Aldi’s 75cl Prosecco of the same brand cost £19.96 in total, she revealed.

That makes them less than a fiver each to buy and you can pick them up in your local store, avoiding extra delivery costs too.

Of course if you want to buy the mega bottle as a gift for someone, it will look more impressive on its own, but if you’re guzzling in celebration in the comfort of your own home, the four mini bottles work out cheaper.

The big one does comes in its own presentation box though, which makes it perfect for wrapping up to give as a present.

You just have to weigh up whether the £20 saving is worth missing out on the glamourous and giant size.

“Make sure you always price match!” Chloe said in a warning to her followers.

A number of shoppers have called out the supermarket for the extortionate price and did their own maths to work out a better deal.

One said: “Why would you pay £39.99 for a so called Jerobaum, which is really a double magnum, when you can get the same wine, same quantity for £27.98 in two magnums.

“A bit of a rip off from Aldi.”

Another said: “Never again, don’t waste your time.”

Not everyone was against the giant bottle though.

A number of shoppers have expressed their own fancy for the Prosecco on Twitter, impressed by its size but not thwarted by the cost.

One said: “Merry Christmas Aldi. Love the big bottle of Prosecco.”

While another said: “Aldi Prosecco is cheap and delicious.”

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