Sex worker and client with cerebral palsy want to ‘normalise’ disabled sex

Olive and Gavin want to spark conversation (Picture: Olive Pearl / SWNS)

Sex worker Olive Pearl and her client Gavin Thorneycroft, who has cerebral palsy, are speaking out to try and break the stigma around sex with a disability.

The pair, who are now good friends, are encouraging others to be more open-minded and understanding.

Gavin, 32, first reached out to 30-year-old Olive for a session seven months ago, in February 2021, and he’s been a regular client ever since. 

Because Gavin in unable to walk, due to his disability, the duo incorporate a sex swing into their encounters. 

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They usually have a session once a week (Picture: Olive Pearl / SWNS)

Olive, who has been in the sex industry on and off since she was 18, said: ‘Gavin is just a regular guy – with the same sexual desires as other people.

‘When I spend time with him, I don’t see him as any different to any other client.

‘We just have to get a little inventive with our positions to make sure it’s comfortable for him – the sex swing is great for that – but that’s it.

‘I feel privileged that Gavin trusts me enough to sexually satisfy his needs. We are now good friends, and we always have fun together.’

Gavin uses a sex swing (Picture: Olive Pearl / SWNS)
‘I feel privileged that Gavin trusts me enough to sexually satisfy his needs’ (Picture: Olive Pearl / SWNS)

Gavin adds that Olive is always incredibly respectful and the pair have a great time together during their weekly sessions.

‘Having sex makes me feel normal, but it was hard to find a sex worker who gets it,’ he says.

‘Just because I’m disabled it doesn’t mean I don’t have the same wants and needs as able-bodied people.’

The 32-year-old also stresses that Olive is the best sex worker he’s been with and the pair have excellent chemistry.

‘90% of the time past experiences I’ve had sexually have been bad – they haven’t been able to understand how cerebral palsy can impact sex,’ he adds.

‘People with disabilities shouldn’t feel ashamed of having sex and being sexual – it’s totally normal.’

‘Having sex makes me feel normal, but it was hard to find a sex worker who gets it’ (Picture: Olive Pearl / SWNS)
Now Olive and Gavin are making TikTok videos to squash the stigma (Picture: Olive Pearl / SWNS)

They are now are making TikTok videos in an effort to ‘break the stigma’ around disabled sex – one of which has been viewed more than 967,000 times.

Olive, who is originally from Hamburg, but now lives in Melbourne, continues: ‘It’s important that people appreciate that just because someone has a disability it doesn’t mean their need for a sexual relationship isn’t there – they just may need to do things slightly differently.

‘All it takes is some time to listen and a little creativity in the bedroom to make magic happen and it’s enjoyable for everyone.

‘It gives me great satisfaction – making sure Gavin is fulfilled.’

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