Seven textile manufacturers target growth through innovation with Made Smarter’s digital transformation workshops

Seven textile manufacturers are targeting growth through innovation using a new, streamlined workshop process which aims to speed up their digital transformation.

Dawson Rodgers, a manufacturer of nursery bedding based in Manchester, Linzi Jay, a manufacturer of communion gowns and bridal accessories based in Blackburn, Suzi Wong Creations, a manufacturer of boxing shorts fightwear and training kit based in Chorley, and John Spencer (Textiles) based in Burnley, are working with Made Smarter, the movement helping SME manufacturers adopt digital technologies.

Along with D.R.M Industrial Fabrics, based in Bury, Woven Art Company in Clitheroe and Ian Mankin, a manufacturer of designer furnishing fabrics based in Burnley, all seven SMEs are engaged in a digital transformation workshop, a process designed to accelerate manufacturing growth by identifying digital tools and technologies that can maximise operational processes and enhance business growth.

Working with a Made Smarter adviser, the fully-funded workshop, bespoke to individual business needs, involves two online sessions, a two-hour diagnostic of the business’s product, services, processes and people, and a one-hour ‘findings’ presentation to make recommendations for practical solutions to overcome business challenges.

The workshop’s output, together with subsequent sessions with Made Smarter digital technology advisers, are used to develop a digital transformation strategy tailored to the needs of the business.

It will include an easy-to-use guide for decision-makers with recommended first steps, a technology roadmap, and information about how to get further support from the programme such as funding for digital tools.

There will also be a printable wall graphic to share with the wider workforce to bring everyone along on the journey.

Seven textile manufacturers target growth through innovation with Made Smarter’s digital transformation workshops

51 companies involved in the Made Smarter North West adoption pilot have either completed or signed up to the workshops since they were launched in August. 

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Made Smarter technology expert Kevin Smith, one of the specialists running the new workshops, said: “The use of technologies is becoming essential in order to cut costs and enhance the customer experience. Without capitalising on digital tools, SME manufacturers risk getting left behind.

“A digital transformation workshop will ultimately help a business gain a competitive advantage.

“As advisers we cut through the jargon to provide honest advice to help the business identify the most effective technologies to overcome their operational challenges. We take a holistic view of the business, and demonstrate the steps required in order to achieve a move to digital – it’s a quick way of gaining real, valuable insights.

“We have designed these workshops in a way that requires minimal time investment for manufacturers to turn the actions into results, while still allowing participants to focus on the day-to-day operations of the business.”

The workshop will also identify other ways the Made Smarter programme can support a manufacturer’s transformation including: the trailblazing Made Smarter Leadership Programme delivered in partnership with Lancaster University, that helps develop the skills and confidence to pursue smarter manufacturing; fully-funded digital technology internships to help implement projects and bring a fresh perspective and new skills into the business; specialist advice about workforce development and skills; and funding for new digital tools and technologies such as data and systems integration, robotics and automation, or additive manufacturing.

The new streamlined digital transformation workshops build on the success of the programme’s earlier face-to-face workshops, which helped makers during the first 18 months of the North West adoption pilot.

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Donna Edwards, programme director for Made Smarter North West adoption pilot, said: “Upgrading to new technologies can seem like a complex and daunting task. SMEs can miss out on significant improvements to their operations. With a bespoke digital manufacturing roadmap we are able to provide the manufacturers a vision of how to move forward progressively and sustainably. 

“The challenges created by Covid-19 offered us an opportunity to review how we can best help SME manufacturers ensure digital is a key part of their business strategy and take that first step to digital transformation.

“Our face to face workshops were a huge success and have made a substantial difference to many of the region’s makers. 

“I am delighted that we have been able to adapt by redesigning and streamlining the workshop process to make it simpler, faster and more effective, and deliver it online.”



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