Settle the Debate Once and for All: Which Thanksgiving Food Is Best?

It’s the age-old debate that keeps on giving.

While Thanksgiving may look different this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there’s one thing that’s sure to bring some comfort: the food! Each year, on the fourth Thursday in November, it’s so easy to get excited over all the incredible options of mouthwatering morsels available at the holiday celebration. Just think of the stuffing, the potatoes, the veggies, the pies and of course, the turkey.

But with so many delicious dishes whipped up each year, everyone has become very divided over which festive food is actually the best one. Trust us, the opinions on this dispute are passionate! Some people feel as though the main dish—that beautiful golden bird—is the rightful star of the show. While others believe it’s actually the sides that steal the spotlight—and diving deep into which one reigns supreme always sparks quite a heated debate.

Then there are the folks who fully embrace the expression “save the best for last,” citing dessert as the highlight of the evening.


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