Selfie, baby or a picture of your cat: what your phone background reveals about you

We don’t often get an unvarnished view of celebrities’ private lives, but on Wednesday we caught a glimpse of One of the Best Relationships of Our Time. I talk, of course, of Mary-Kate Olsen (twin of Ashley) and her husband, Olivier Sarkozy (brother of former French president, Nicolas). Paparazzi pics revealed that Mary-Kate’s phone background was a cute pic of the couple. The “shockingly average” choice was met with approval by Vogue and New York Magazine. But what does your phone wallpaper choice say about you?


Remember when Paris Hilton wore a T-shirt with her face on it? I do. I think about it quite a bit. (Miley Cyrus did the same). This is the digital equivalent.


Stock photograph of rain drops? A macro image of a flower? These are the backgrounds of busy, busy people who don’t have time to change the default wallpaper. Or your mum or dad, who don’t know how to change the settings.


Lots of people go down the Mary-Kate Olsen route. The only issue is if one of the couple has an adorable pic as their background … and the other doesn’t. What if Sarkozy has a tricolour? Still, changing your wallpaper is far easier than altering a tattoo from, say Winona Forever to Wino Forever – just ask Johnny Depp.


People don’t even need to fumble about in their wallet to show you their kids, any more. They are right there staring out of phone screens, their features obscured by apps. But it’s cool – I will gaze at your baby, which looks exactly the same as all other babies, as long as I can show you my cat. (See below.)

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The phone background of single people, and why not? Pets are the best. A pet is never not cheering, so carrying one around in your pocket seems like a fantastic idea. Might I also recommend two different pictures for lock screen and background? DOUBLE THE PET.


Really, the best option. It can be Saharan dunes or a sunset across the Aegean sea. But it can also be a vista of the city from your local park. This is the background for anxious people, who like soothing scenes. And isn’t that all of us?



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