'Self-serving Johnson stalls Covid inquiry findings until after election'

After months of stalling, Boris Johnson has finally agreed to establish an inquiry into the coronavirus pandemic.

The case for an independent examination of how ministers, scientists and the NHS responded to the biggest public health ­emergency for a century was incontrovertible.

We need to know why Britain ended up having one of the highest death tolls in the world, why the NHS was not prepared for such a crisis, why it took so long to provide PPE.

Those who have lost loved ones to the virus are rightly furious the Prime Minister has delayed this inquiry until the spring of 2022.

If there is, as Mr Johnson has suggested, a strong likelihood of a winter surge then we should have at least an interim investigation now so lessons can be learned which may help prevent further deaths.

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Not for the first time Boris Johnson puts his personal interests before those of the country
Not for the first time Boris Johnson puts his personal interests before those of the country

By deferring the inquiry for a year the Prime Minister has clearly calculated the findings will not be published until after the next election.

Not for the first time he’s putting his personal interests before those of the country.

Fears of war

There are concerns the violence in Jerusalem and Gaza could escalate into war.

The Israeli military has responded to rocket attacks by Palestinian militants by unleashing a wave of air strikes.

Brokering a ceasefire is imperative and urgent if we are to prevent the loss of more civilian lives and stop the situation descending into a conflict which risks engulfing other parts of the Middle East.

The international community must exert whatever influence it has on the Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

Then work must once again begin trying to find a lasting settlement based on the two-state solution.

Pay a flat fee

Despite earning £161,000 a year it appears Boris Johnson has trouble paying some of his bills on time.

Thankfully, the Prime Minister and First Lord of Treasury is not in charge of the nation’s finances.

Oh hang on…


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