See Kamala Harris Share a Heartwarming Moment With Her Great Niece as U.S. Election Continues

Although no winner has been declared in the U.S. presidential election yet, Kamala Harris is already inspiring the next generation to achieve their dreams. 

The vice presidential nominee told her 4-year-old great niece, “You could be president,” in a touching moment that is reminding supporters of the glass ceilings that are being shattered in the historic election.

Kamala’s niece, Meena Harris, shared the video on Wednesday, Nov. 4, and it shows her young daughter Amara sitting on Kamala’s lap for the pep talk, which Meena said lasted “for like an hour.” In the video, Kamala went on to say, “You could be president, but not right now. You have to be over the age of 35.”

Meena added on Twitter, “For context my daughter wants to be both president and an astronaut.” 

Kamala would become the first female vice president, as well as the first Black and South Asian American V.P., if she and presidential nominee Joe Biden win. As of Wednesday evening, votes are continuing to be counted in the 2020 presidential race


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