‘See it to believe it’: Robotic hummingbird captures millions of butterflies taking flight [WATCH]

Source: John Downer Productions

Source: John Downer Productions&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspYouTube

A robotic hummingbird has captured a stunning video of millions of butterflies laying dormant in clusters on trees before taking flight.

The high tech device, which is basically a spy camera, hovered around the Mexican wilderness and captured half a billion Monarch butterflies.

The robotic hummingbirds two propellers to keep it floating like a real bird.

The spy cam was able to get very close to the cluster of dormant Monarch butterflies as hummingbirds are known not to prey on butterflies.

Watch the video here:

As the high-speed propellers of the robotic bird are well covered, it does not harm the dormant butterflies.  The incredible sight finally shows around half a billion butterflies flying around the spy cam.

“What starts as a trickle, soon becomes a stream and grows into a cascade. A spectacle that really has been filmed. And our spy is harmlessly in the very heart of it,” says the narrator.

Back in July, a group of rare gorilla adults and babies, which was spotted in the mountains of southern Nigeria, was captured on camera. Conservationists said that the sighting has raised hopes that the Cross River gorillas which are at the risk of extinction are reproducing.

Only 300 Cross River gorillas are known to be alive in the wild along the Nigeria/Cameroon border. They are the most endangered gorilla subspecies.

The pictures of the gorillas were captured by camera traps in the Mbe Mountains, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Nigeria, said.

“Cross River gorillas are rarely seen, let alone photographed, even by remote cameras,” WCS said. A few images of the species have been captured in 2012 and 2013, however, the latest images are the first time that multiple infants were recorded in the same group.

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