Secret new id Software game rated – could be new Quake

Is Quake getting a proper birthday celebration after all? (pic: Bethesda)

It seems Quake may be getting a 25th anniversary game after all, as a mysterious new id Software game is age rated in Australia.

You’d imagine publishers must get sick of age rating boards across the world constantly spoiling the surprise of new releases. Just this month we’ve had two separate reports of a new Castlevania collection, which was no doubt meant to be a surprise.

Doom creators id Software seem to have found a simple way around the problem though: just don’t tell them what the game is really called. Which given that age rating descriptions generally don’t say anything about the content or story of a game solves the problem instantly.

Which leads to the revelation that Project 2021B from id Software has been classified by the Australian age rating board and nobody has any idea what it is, other than it’s 18-rated.

This is not actually the first time id Software (part of Bethesda, which in turn is now owned by Microsoft) has used a similar trick, as what turned out to be Doom 3: VR Edition on PlayStation VR was originally described only as Project 2021A before it was officially announced.

That doesn’t mean this new title is VR related but, as pointed out by VGC, XboxEra co-founder recently suggested that a new entry in the Quake franchise is in development as a collaboration between id Software and Wolfenstein makers MachineGames.

That hasn’t been reported anywhere else but according to Baker the game has both single and multiplayer modes, as well as a female protagonist.

It was the 25th anniversary of Quake earlier this month and id Software barely acknowledged the fact (even the artwork above was tweeted by the main Bethesda Twitter account and not id Software’s), so a slightly delayed celebration would make sense.

What kind of scale the game would be is unclear though, as it would be unusual to keep a major AAA release secret this close to release – which presumably is imminent if it’s already being age rated.

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