Scots newsreader celebrates after a movie based on his book wins big film award

Scottish newsreader John McKay is celebrating after a movie based on his book won a major award at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

The well loved figure, who has become famous for his ties, even has a cameo in the film called The Road Dance which premiered at the celebrated film festival.

The film, which is based on a true story, follows the tragic story of a woman and her newborn baby in the Western Isles against a backdrop of WW1.

It stars Hermione Corfield as main character Kirsty, Morven Christie as her mum Mairi and Dr Who writer and Sherlock actor Mark Gatiss as Doctor Maclean.

John MacKay and Hermione Corfield on the film set of the book adaptation

And John admitted he was mighty chuffed after finding it won the Audience Award, voted by members of the public at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

He actually wrote the novel the book is based on almost twenty years ago and never envisaged it on the big screen.

When he was filming as a an extra on set he even joked that people didn’t know who he was.

John said at the time: “This is me in my very important role playing crofter number three at the back of the dance.”

“You’ve got to walk in there with a certain aplomb and say ‘Do you know who I am?’ and most of them say ‘No’.

John Mackay dressed in character on set of The Road Dance

He said of the win at the festival: “The Road Dance has been receiving great reviews. But for me, the audience vote is the one of which I’m most proud.

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“Ultimately, it’s the audiences who’ll decide the film’s success.”


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