School bans children with poor attendance from having ice cream treat

Infant school children were banned from picking up an ice cream treat because they did not have a good enough attendance record.

Pupils at the school were left standing there crying as they watched their classmates tuck into their reward.

They were forbidden from having the end of term treat because they did not have a 97% attendance for the year.

Blackmoor Park Infant School in West Derby banned some children from having an ice cream (Picture: Google)

Parents of the Blackmoor Infant School children in West Derby were outraged youngsters as young as four were being singled out.

The headteacher and chair of the board of governors have since apologised for the decision but hundreds of people have lashed out at the school on social media.

Christine Mcnally wrote on Facebook: ‘No child should be left out. At that age it’s parents who determine whether kids go to school or not, there could be a number of issues as to why a child doesn’t go to school and most of them are not the child’s fault.

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‘They don’t set their own alarms, they don’t make their own breakfast, they don’t take themselves to school. That’s all down to their parents but yet they get penalised for something that’s beyond their control. So so wrong.’

While Sarah Mckay said: ‘That is so mean I can’t believe a group of ‘professional adults’ promoted this, all kids try their best in school in their own way, how would the adults feel if their child was denied this ‘treat’ especially in this heat, it’s cruel can’t get over it.’

The cooling beach treat was only given to those with a 97% attendance record (Picture:Getty Images)

Parent Michelle Badrock said her five-year-old daughter thought she wasn’t given an ice cream because she couldn’t read.

She wrote: ‘It’s disgusting. I have 4 older kids and they attended a different primary never did they do anything like this makes you want to reconsider schools!!’

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However, others took a less sympathetic view.

Mark Kelly said on Facebook: ‘Thank god nothing serious happened this week, such as the leader of the free world kowtowing to a murderous thug while insulting the organisation that has guaranteed our safety for 60 years.’

Headteacher Jo Hitchmough said the school was looking at alternative ways to celebrate good attendance in the future.

She said: ‘Like every other school across the country we have a duty to promote good attendance and reduce absence.’


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