Scarlett Moffatt panics as she loses her voice a day before filming TV special

Scarlett Moffatt was left in a panic when she woke up unable to speak, just a few hours before she was set to start filming a new TV show. She started downing turmeric shots in a bid to get better quick

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Scarlett Moffatt was left in a pickle when she woke up without a voice on Sunday.

The Gogglebox star is set to film a Christmas special show this week and went into full panic mode when she woke up over the weekend unable to speak.

Scarlett took to her Instagram stories to document her voice struggles, as she revealed she had been taking turmeric to try and help.

“Just got to the hotel. My voice is still gone. I’ve got one turmeric shot left and I’m hoping that that helps. It is sort of getting more back to normal,” she told her two million followers.

Scarlett Moffatt revealed she was feeling poorly

Giving fans an update this morning, Scarlett revealed she was “a bit upset” that her voice hadn’t returned to normal.

“I’m just doing my make up for today’s show. I’m very excited.

“My voice isn’t fully there which I’m a bit upset about. But I’m very excited for the show today. And it’s a Christmas special,” she said in one video.

In another she added: “I’ve done my make up, I haven’t been able to do my hair. I’ve had a turmeric shot to try and get this voice better. Wish me luck.”

But she put on a brave face and headed out to work, even with a poorly voice

Scarlett can’t be having a good start to the week, as she admitted she was left “traumatised” on Monday when she got stuck in a lift for 20 minutes.

She had told fans about her fear of lifts when she arrived at the hotel.

“I just went in the scariest lift known to man kind. I’m still not 100 per cent with lifts anyway but this one is where it says maximum four people but I don’t know what kind of people – not with my a**,” she said.

“And it’s one that has metal shutters then another shutter and as you go up, you can see the brick wall – it’s quite scary.”

Scarlett admitted she was panicking about not being able to speak

And she was left terrified when she got stuck in the lift the next morning.

She said: “I just had breakfast, I spent all morning doing my make up for it to be rubbed off because I got stuck in the lift for 20 minutes. I’ve never been more traumatised. I’ve got a sweaty back, I didn’t even know I could sweat from this many places.”


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