Oh, how you’ve changed, Screech! The butt of every joke and the gang’s resident nerd, Diamond later went on to star on Saved By the Bell: The New Class, with Screech becoming Mr. Belding’s assistant. Diamond returned to the public eye in 2006, when he directed and released his own sex tape, Screeched: Saved By the Smell. (Stay classy!) But Diamond wasn’t done using his Saved By the Bell fame to his advantage, writing a negative tell-all called Behind the Bell in 2009. The book was used as the main inspiration for the Lifetime movie The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story

Diamond has also made the reality TV rounds, appearing on Celebrity Fit Club and Celebrity Big Brother. In recent years, he has also had parts in small films.

In 2014, he spent a couple of months in jail after being arrested for allegedly stabbing a man at a bar. He was given a misdemeanor charge of carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon.



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