Sandwich spring ‘22: Clever connections

Precious as our individual worlds may be, the real beauty lies in the fact that we are very much connected. There are so many utterly complex links connecting us to each other, to our planet and even to the universe surrounding us. From the grand task of something as small as marine plankton maintaining the balance of the ocean, to the proven communication between trees. ‘Clever connections’ is created from the notion that there are incomprehensible links keeping everything and everyone together. This collection is inspired by that natural intelligence.

At Sandwich we believe our collections are too valuable to have them go to waste just because the seasons change. Which is why our seasonal cycle is a bit different from most brands. We encourage you to use each collection as a fresh new layer to complement the last. With a wide range of colours and prints that are all crafted by hand, we offer comfortable styles with the quality that allows you to wear them season after season.

Natural Being

An adventurous journey into the green. This collection has us looking in through layers of lush leaves and branches in Stone Blue and Kayaking Green. Transparent bits and textured pieces come together and wild flower prints and brushed stone complement the design. Structures and fabrics invite you to mix and match, creating a playful look full of depth and variation. The collection offers tactile knits and oversized silhouettes that give you room to move around comfortably.

Sea Living

Dive right into the striped dip dye of this special drop inspired by the ocean. The collection is full of movement and depth. Flowing pants with a wide leg and voluminous tops in soft and rounded shapes that focus on shoulders and a feminine neckline. Colors are fresh and vibrant in shades like Persian Jewel, Night Sky and Moon Beam. The shapes are delicate and so is the high quality material. Woven lyocell with a super soft handfeel and overdyed chambray. The Seaflow prints were all crafted by hand to safeguard Sandwich’s signature style.

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Desert Shadow

Sandwich paints a feminine picture this season with warm tones of Baked Apple Red, Calendula and Golden Orange. The collection offers strong but souple linen silhouettes in fresh new colors and shapes and the softest faded cotton rib. An artistic flower print brings together a wide range of colors making it easy to mix and pair pieces from the collection and even combine them with the items in your closet. With a diverse range of textures and materials the collection offers new combinations to build on.

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About Sandwich:

This is Sandwich. We like to think of ourselves as a contemporary brand with a carefree edge. With attention to refined details and a design signature that sets us apart, yet continues to evolve, we have built a portfolio of collections since 1981 – our founding year. Our ethos has always remained the same – to produce clothing for real women. Sandwich makes women look good. Authentically good – encouraging women to feel great in the process. That kind of feeling is contagious, and we want it to spread beyond friendly wardrobes. We want women of the world to be happy wherever they are, whatever they are doing. For that, we are going to need to do it together. Join us on our mission.


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