Salyut 1 beat Skylab in space station race | Brief letters

In your obituary of Chris Kraft, former director of Nasa’s flight operations and the Johnson Space Center (Journal, 3 September 2019), you state he oversaw the missions to the first space station, Skylab. The title of “first space station” properly goes to Salyut 1, launched by the Soviet Union in 1971. Skylab was the first space station to be launched and operated by the US. Of course, none of this detracts from Kraft’s other great achievements.
Charles Brown
Walthamstow, London

Your report (Bristol’s most famous view threatened by plan to build thousands of new homes, 5 September) says: “The view of the bridge from the gorge has been unspoiled since the height of the industrial revolution.” And no doubt in 1864, people thought the view from the gorge had been unspoiled before the bridge was there.
Martin Stallion
Braintree, Essex

Amazing! Straight out of Blackpool Victoria hospital following bypass surgery I find the decoded letters of my beloved Codeword are “J C” (Codeword, 5 September). What a homecoming! May I suggest you end your churlish refusal to include a Codeword at the weekend and make a lot of readers happier.
J Cowley
Chorley, Lancashire

Professor Valentine Cunningham is annoyed that we wrongly insist on calling Azincourt Agincourt (Letters, 7 September). Is he equally irate about the French calling London Londres?
Dr Harry Harmer
Shrewsbury, Shropshire

I always use the brief – and apposite – name Joe in Starbucks (Letters, 7 September).
Chris Hughes

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