Salt and sugar tax: New tax on salt and sugar proposed – but are you addicted?

Salt and sugar taxes could soon be used within the food industry. Any money raised could be used to fund important initiatives such as free school meals or food clubs. The National Food Strategy has called for the introduction of the world’s first Sugar and Salt Reformulation Tax, following an independent review.

Salt and sugar should be taxed and vegetables prescribed by the NHS according to an independent review of the food.

The report led by businessman Henry Dimbleby said taxes raised could extend free school meal provision and support better diets among the most impoverished.

The review suggested a Salt and Sugar Reformulation tax could be added to food sold in shops, cafes and canteens as part of a new National Food Strategy.

The report was commissioned by the Government and claims a £3 per g tax on sugar and £6 per kg on salt for processed foods and in restaurants and catering businesses would encourage manufacturers to reformulate their recipes and reduce their portion sizes.

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However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he is not attracted to the idea of imposing an extra tax on salt and sugar which would hit “hard-working people” the hardest.

Speaking in Coventry, Mr Johnson said: “I am not, I must say, attracted to the idea of extra taxes on hard-working people.”

He added: “I will study the report. I think it is an independent report.

“I think there are doubtless some good ideas in it.”

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When it comes to sugar addiction, it is best to identify if you have an addiction by determining if you go into withdrawal when you go without these items.

Withdrawal signs may include headaches, lethargy or feeling tired.

Cravings, muscle pain, nausea, bloating and even insomnia may also be symptoms.

These symptoms may intensify after 24 hours so it is best to cut back on anything you may be addicted to little by little.


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