Sales of EVs across Europe to overtake diesel this year – Motor Trader

Sales of EVs in Europe to overtake diesel cars in 2022. That’s the view of Jato Dynamics. Its data revealed that in 2021, the industry registered 2.25 million EV units making up 19% of the market.

While diesels accounted for 21.7% of the market it is likely that they will be outsold by EVs this year, said Felipe Munoz, Jato Dynamics Global Analyst.

Jato said that in 2021 the ‘door opened’ for EVS. “For much of the year, it was easier to buy electric than petrol given the shorter lead times for these vehicles, and thanks to the generous incentives granted by governments.”

He said consumers have increasingly turned their attention to pure electric and plug-in hybrid alternatives allowing these vehicles to achieve new volume and market share records.

Data gathered by JATO Dynamics for 28 European markets found that sales level since 1985, with 11.75 million new cars registered.

Jato said the semiconductor shortage has been even more damaging to the industry than the lockdown restrictions of 2020.

“Crisis after crisis had a negative impact on demand and registrations in the market. The ongoing uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside the prolonged semiconductor shortage created a perfect storm for OEMs last year.”

There were some winners in 2021. Hyundai-Kia was able to increase its presence in Europe due to its breadth of competitive SUV and EV models.

These brands saw their market share increase by almost two points, from 6.7% in 2019, to 8.6% in 2021.

It was also a strong year for Toyota, up by 1.4 points of share, thanks largely to the latest generation of the Toyota Yaris which hit the top 10 in 14 countries.

Despite these advances, Tesla, BMW Group, and Volkswagen Group were still able to gain traction over the last two years.

Overall volume was down by 1.7% on top of the already disappointing results in 2020

  • Low emissions vehicles achieved new market share record with 19% of total registrations
  • Hyundai-Kia and Toyota won the biggest market share compared to pre-pandemic levels
  • SUVs reached record market share of 46%
  • The Golf topped the market but posted the biggest market share declines across all models
  • Strong results for Tesla as the Model 3 secured 17th in the overall rankings


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