Sajid Javid slams Sturgeon support for Corbyn during Stirling visit

On a campaign visit to Scotland, the Chancellor warned that Ms Sturgeon would have to explain how she could prop up Jeremy Corbyn despite the concerns of Britain’s Jews.

He spoke days after the SNP leader said she deplored Mr Corbyn’s lack of leadership on anti-Jewish hatred in his ranks – then still offered to help him become Prime Minister in return for a second independence referendum.

Speaking at a chipboard factory in Cowie, Stirlingshire, Mr Javid warned voters faced a stark choice at the general election on December 12.

Scottish Conservative Stephen Kerr won the Stirling constituency by just 148 votes in 2017. It is the top target seat for Ms Sturgeon’s party.

Mr Javid ramped up warnings of a “Corbyn-Sturgeon alliance”, saying: “They’ve already had discussions.

“It’s clear they’ve already agreed they would have another divisive referendum on Brexit, but also a divisive referendum on independence. That will be chaotic –two referendums in the UK in 2020.

“Nicola Sturgeon will have to accept that, yes, she might get her beloved referendum.

“But she will getting into bed with an individual that has serious issue with Britain’s Jewish community, who has been caught time and time again denigrating the Jewish community and has a problem of anti-Semitism riddled throughout his party.

“She would be supporting such an individual and she would have to explain how she can prop up someone like that who, just a couple of days ago, the Chief Rabbi was moved to say was not fit for office.”

Ms Sturgeon has repeatedly made clear she will not support  a minority Corbyn government if he refuses to support her timetable of an independence referendum next year.

The hard-left Labour leader has refused to rule out a vote beyond the first two years of him entering.

No 10, while Boris Johnson has “guaranteed” he will never sanction a re-run of the 2014 ballot.

Mr Javid yesterday reiterated that the Tories were “absolutely against” another poll as he condemned the SNP’s domestic record. “They need to get their house in order,” he said.

Meanwhile, an SNP candidate axed for posting anti-Semitic messages on social media has vowed to keep fighting for election.

Neale Hanvey was dropped from the key target seat of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath on Thursday night.

The 54-year-old apologised for the posts, which he said were made “over two years ago”.

But as local nationalists expressed their continued support for him, he later pledged to keep trying to take the seat from Labour’s Shadow Scottish Secretary, Lesley Laird, who is defending a majority of just 259 over the SNP.

Some described Mr Hanvey’s suspension as a “witch hunt” and “stitch-up”. One blamed Israeli intelligence agency Mossad for the move.

Mr Hanvey’s name still appears on the ballot because the deadline for nominations has passed.

Replying to a supporter on Twitter, he said: “I will carry on campaigning. The support has been truly humbling.”

To another backer, he said: “I’m still a candidate, folk can still vote for me.”

“I wouldn’t resign until we’ve secured independence,” he added.


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