Sadiq Khan powering to victory in London mayor race after winning four more constituencies


adiq Khan powered towards victory tonight by outpolling Shaun Bailey in the first four constituencies to declare results today.

It came as election chiefs confirmed that the next mayor will be declared tonight, with the result expected around 8.30pm.

Labour incumbent Mr Khan was virtually guaranteed a second term after holding Barnet and Camden, a marginal seat which had to swing decisively to Mr Bailey to give the Tory any hope of a comeback.

Mr Khan polled 67,610 first preference votes in the north London constituency, against 65,822 for Mr Bailey, who was down almost 8,000 votes on the number polled by Tory candidate Zac Goldsmith in 2016.

Knock out: Sadiq Khan has his Tory rival on the ropes

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Mr Khan also scored a hefty 76,731 first-preference votes in the Labour heartland of Greenwich and Lewisham, compared with 43,306 for Mr Bailey.

And he was almost 17,000 votes ahead of Mr Bailey in Merton and Wandsworth, polling 76,403 first preference votes to 59,460 for Mr Bailey.

Here Mr Bailey also failed to match the performance of his Tory predecessor in 2016 by about 13,000 votes.

Shortly before 7pm, Mr Khan claimed a fourth successive constituency, outpolling Mr Bailey in Enfield and Haringey, by 74,646 votes to 48,101.

Though Mr Khan was 13,000 votes down in the constituency on his performance in 2016, and Mr Bailey was up 3,000, the gap of 26,545 in favour of Mr Khan is another big step to eventual victory.

The votes received in all 14 constituences are added up to determine the winner. It is highly likely that second preference votes will have to be counted. These come into play if no candidate secures more than 50 per cent of first-preference votes.


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