SAD Frosty’s chilling last TikTok post appeared to predict his death as fans continue to search for answers surrounding his passing.

The rapper, 24, died on January 14 but a cause of death hasn’t been revealed.

It's not known how the rapper Sad Frosty died


It’s not known how the rapper Sad Frosty diedCredit: Twitter
The rapper's last TikTok post appeared to predict his death


The rapper’s last TikTok post appeared to predict his deathCredit: TikTok / Sad Frosty

On Thursday – a day before his death – Frosty shared a clip from the music video of his 2018 track A.D.H.D Freestyle.

He captioned the video: “This song changed my life s/o to Dontai for showing me love on this one.”

The TikTok clip has been flooded with dozens of tributes, with one user saying: “The caption”, followed by a sad face emoji.

Another said: “Long live sad frosty.”

While a third commented “RIP man, I remember bumping ur (sic) songs after school 3 years ago in middle school.

“A true part of my life. A real goat man. Never forgotten.”

A.D.H.D Freestyle is considered to be the track that helped launch Frosty’s YouTube career.

In another one of his songs titled Ice Cream, Frosty appeared to rap about “flexing with depression” and “living his dreams”.

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In the first verse, he says: “I been flexin’ on my haters every day, I live my dreams.

“My Travis 6’s, they official, your jump man on the wrong team. Feel like Pharrell in 07, all my shoes Icecream man (Uh) (sic).”

The lyrics continue: “B****, I’m flexing through depression (Huh?), I’m posted at the crib.

“Making millions from my music, man, I get it how I live (Yeah). Had to grind for this s**t, I took some time for this s**t (Huh?). Face card, good, won’t wait in line for kicks, ayy.”

Ice Cream featured on Frosty’s album Sandbox, alongside hits such as “magic!” and “Swerve”.

Months before his death, Frosty posted “they want that old frosty” in what turned out to be his final Instagram post.

Very little is known about the rapper as he wasn’t really active on social media. His last Facebook post came in 2018.

His YouTube channel contains much more content, including his popular collaboration with DC The Don called Beavis & Butt-Head, which has been watched around 1.4million times.

Not much is known about Sad Frosty's personal life


Not much is known about Sad Frosty’s personal lifeCredit: sadfrosty/Instagram
Music video for ‘Ice Cream’, performed by rapper sad frosty



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