Runner shares potentially life-saving self-defence tip every woman should know

A running coach has shared a vital safety tip for any female who goes running alone, which she learned from an athlete who teaches self-defence classes

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TikToker running coach shares self-defence advice

It’s no secret that the news cycle has been incredibly depressing for women and girls in the UK over the last few months.

Every time an act of violence happens against a woman or girl, the narrative turns to what that person should’ve or could’ve done to protect themselves.

Slowly but surely, the conversation is changing, and people are turning their attention to changing the behaviour of the attackers, instead of blaming the victims and suggesting what could’ve done differently.

Having said all of that, until we live in a perfect world, where women and girls are safe on the streets, any knowledge we have that can protect us and keep us that little bit safer, is always worth knowing.

Alysha learned the tip from an athlete who teaches self-defence


Having a weapon could make you more at risk


These are the thoughts echoed by one woman, who decided to take to TikTok to share some of the advice given to her by a female self-defence coach.

Running coach Alysha Flynn, who goes by the handle @whatrunsyou, shared the tip given to her by her client, when questioned by one of her followers over whether she recommends female runners carrying some kind of weapon, such as pepper spray, to defend themselves against potential attackers.

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“It has to be what’s best for you as an individual. The tool only works if you’re trained, confident, and prepared to use it,” Alysha explained while out running.

“If you’re carrying pepper spray, and you keep it in your hydration pack, and you come under threat, are you going to have time to stop, say ‘wait a minute, let me pull this out’ and use it? Likewise, if you’ve never sprayed it before, could that actually put you in more danger by having that with you?”

Alysha then asked her follower to imagine how that would go if the weapon of choice was not a pepper spray, but a taser or a pocket knife instead, “and you are not trained and unprepared to use it.”

“No matter what you choose, you have to be ready to use it and to protect yourself if it ever got turned on you,” she added. “So it makes less about what tool is best and more about which one are you confident using.”

One of Alysha’s TikTok followers agreed, commenting: “100% this. When you’re in a high stress situation your fine motor skills go to crap. Train with anything you’re planning to defend yourself with.”

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