Roxanne Pallett loudly booed by furious Celebrity Big Brother crowd as she accuses Ryan Thomas of 'smirking' at her

Roxanne Pallett has been loudly booed by the furious Celebrity Big Brother crowd.

The actress has received heavy criticism after accusing Ryan Thomas of ‘punching her repeatedly’ and called for him to be removed from the house.

Ryan, who was given a formal warning by Big Brother, received cheers from the crowd waiting outside the Borehamwood complex.

As Emma Willis read out the names of the contestants there was a lot of audible hatred for Roxanne as the crowd chanted: “Get Roxy out!”

These continued when footage from yesterday was introduced, showing that she had not moved on after having a chance to sleep on it.

Roxanne was booed by the CBB crowd

She wiped away the tears in the Diary Room

Despite claiming she was ‘uncomfortable’ around Ryan, the pair exchanged pleasantries as she walked from the spare bedroom to the main house.

Before she entered the Diary Room, Roxy said to Ryan that it was “brighter outside” and he smiled.

While alone, she then accused Ryan of “smirking” at her.

She spent the night in the spare bedroom

She accused Ryan of ‘smirking’ when she walked passed

When asked by Big Brother how she was feeling, she said: “Not very good. I don’t feel comfortable or happy at the minute.

“I slept separately last night because I felt uncomfortable because Ryan assaulted me and he’s still here. And he smirked at me as I walked past.”

Big Brother told Roxanne that they intervened appropriately and were confident Ryan wouldn’t repeat his behaviour.

Roxanne broke down in tears

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Shaking her head, Roxanne claimed their response to the situation was “not acceptable”.

She said: “A grown man purposefully punched me repeatedly. How can somebody proceed after doing that to someone? That’s not ok.

“So I’m going to have to act my way through the rest of this show. Thanks.”

*Celebrity Big Brother airs on Channel 5 at 9pm


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