Row over Berekete host, Ordinary President’s assault on woman for alleged witchcraft

By Alao Abiodun

A viral video of Ahmad Isah, popularly known as Ordinary President, hitting a woman during an interview has generated mixed reactions.

Ordinary President, who owns and works at Abuja-based Human Right Radio 101.1, assaulted his interviewee on one of the TV shows called ‘Berekete’.

The ‘Berekete’ presenter, who is quite popular in Abuja, has over the years developed a growing reputation for helping ordinary people to secure justice via his radio and television shows.

In the trending BBC Africa Eye documentary video by Peter Nkanga, Isah assaulted the woman who was accused of setting her brother’s daughter on fire for alleged witchcraft.

The woman was alleged to have tied the victim’s hands and legs, poured kerosene on her head and set the girl on fire.

The Brekete family host in the video asked the suspect how she confirmed the girl was a witch.

“Nobody. I don’t know what came over me. Please, I’m begging for forgiveness,” the woman said.

Isah further demanded she tells him what happened one last time but the woman insisted she didn’t know what happened.

The human right activist got furious and slapped her twice on set.

His action sparked outrage on social media with many reacting to his conduct.

While many threw their weight in support of his action, some others berated him for his unprofessional conduct and for hitting the woman.

Reacting on his official Twitter handle, Ahmad Isah @breketeConnect said: “My God has made me bigger than the sponsors of my detractors.”

Tosin Olugbenga said: “She tied a girl. Poured kerosene on her and set her ablaze. Such a woman the moment she reduced the dignity of the girl also lost her dignity and any form of rights.

“She deserved every slap Ordinary President gave her and more. She deserves no respect or dignity.”

Chuks Akunna argued: “CCT chair Danladi Umar assaults a security guard at Emeb plaza. Ordinary President Ahmad Isah assauts a woman for torching a child. Lass lass, power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

Babajide Blunt said: “What that ordinary president did was exactly what I expected the journalist interviewing Uduak to do. I mean once in a while forget professionalism and serve it hot. How can set a child ablaze and you’d think that a journalist will only offer you a friendly interview?”

Social Commentator Aproko Doctor stated: “He had NO right to hit her. He is not judge and jury, if we say he can, then others can, if others can, others will. Where does it end?

“Get angry yes! Use that anger to ensure justice is served. We’re not animals.”

Olami Joseph Esq said: “I like his intentions, but i never liked him as a person, the way he talks to people on his show, he’s rude AF, has this inflated ego and all… Listening to his show is like a chore for me, and its almost a ritual for Abuja cabs”


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