Rod Stewart 'could make a song' out of words he used to Penny about baby says Loose Women co-host

Penny Lancaster has revealed the discussion Rod Stewart and she had before he convinced her to make a baby.

And her Loose Women co-host said ‘he could make a song out that’.

Penny revealed she was cautious about building up her hope for a pregnancy with the Maggie May hitmaker following a miscarriage at one stage of her pregnancy journey.

She shared her story during a discussion on Loose Women about the story of an Australian woman who put a pregnancy stick in an ice pop to reveal her baby news.

Charlene White asked Penny: “Did you put your pregnancy test in an ice pop and give it to Rod?”

Penny replied: “Not quite, but when Rod said, ‘Come on let’s make a baby’ and we decided that was the road we were going down.”

Nadia Sawalha asked: “Did he say that?”

Penny replied: “Yeah. It had been about six years since we’ve been together and for a long time we didn’t want to get married again and have children. But then he decided ‘come on let’s make a baby’.”

Nadia smiled and suggested: “He could make a song out of that.”

Later on fans of the show revealed online that the words ‘cmon let’s make a baby’ already form song lyrics.

One wrote: “There is a song out called that Nadia.”

Someone else added : “Nadia!! there is a song called Let’s make a baby by Billy Paul!”

Penny spoke about her previous miscarriage and added: “I had a miscarriage and I was very cautious about building my hopes up, so I did a pregnancy test when I missed a period but sure enough it was positive.

She also revealed how she presented her baby news to rocker Rod saying: “It was a Christmas gift or a birthday gift, I can’t remember now, and it was a gilt box for his desk and I put it inside and wrapped it up so when he opened it, that was his gift, you know.”


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