Rod Stewart claims he's a 'Cockney Scot' and admits to invading Wembley pitch

Sir Rod Stewart has opened up on being ‘a Scot living in England’ as he hopes to celebrate a Scottish victory tonight with his four sons at Wembley, just like he did with his dad.

The rocker appeared on BBC Breakfast to speak to Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty about his score predictions and how he began supporting Scotland from a young age.

The 76-year-old even went on to give his rendition of Flower of Scotland live on air but made a couple of blunders during the song.

When Charlie asked Rod’s prediction for result tonight, he said: “I don’t know mate, I’ve been watching these games between England and Scotland since I was 14 and had my heart broken so many times, I don’t know.

Rod appeared on BBC Breakfast

“I would love to see the Scots win, it’s going to be an uphill climb but win or lose as long as they make us proud…1-0 to Scotland and I will die a happy man.”

“I am the Cockney Scotsman, and we do take this game seriously against the old enemy!

When asked what his plans for the game were, Rod said: “I’m very passionate, I’m actually going to be going, I’ve actually got a box for six, which cost me an arm and a leg – I had to sell the house to buy it”, he laughs.

He added: “I’m taking my two sons and two of my best friends who are all Scotland supporters and we’re just going to hope for the best as I said, as long as they make us proud win or lose.

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Naga added: “Did your sons have any choice as to which home nations team they support?”

Celtic-daft Rod replied: “Absolutely, I’ve got four sons who all support Scotland and I didn’t have beat them up to do it – it’s just like when I was a little kid my dad was Scottish and I wondered why we would talk about Scottish football and Scotland and the penny dropped so I went to my first England and Scotland match when I was thirteen.”

A goal smashed and torn down as thousands of Scottish fans run wild on the pitch at Wembley Stadium after Scotland’s 2-1 victory over England in the Home Championship.

The star said no game will be a better watch than Scotland’s victory in 1977.

He said: “Okay it was in 1977, when Scotland beat England with the pitch invasion and my dad was next to me and I said ‘dad I’m going down on the pitch!’ he said: ‘no, you’re not!’, I said: ‘yes, Iam!’.

“So I went down to the side of the pitch and I had a tammy on and the police officer said ‘you’re not going on there!’ and I took my hat off and he knew who I was and said: ‘Oh go on then.’

“I was part of that pitch invasion – naughty boy!”

The Maggie May singer revealed that his family are football-daft and it’s a major part of his family life.

He said: “They used to have Scotland and England matches every year so it was a big tradition for all of us to go up to Glasgow and meet family but not so much now because we don’t play the games as often.

“But today, you can see by how many Scots have come down – there’s been 20,000 of them in London! You mark my words, they will behave themselves! But it is a wonderful family occasion.”

Rod said football was a massive part of his family life.

Rod then said he was looking forward to being at the stadium tonight after a long time watching his beloved Celtic on TV.

He said: “We’re a football mad family.”

When asked if he had a message for the team, Rod said: “They’re fine, they don’t need anything from me. They know what they gotta do tonight!”

He also revealed that when he hears the bag pipes and the national anthem Flower of Scotland, it brings tears to his eyes.

Sir Rod Stewart

He said: When I see the players and the pipes and Flower of Scotland I just go.”

Chat then turned to Rod’s wife Penny and he said he was extremely proud of her and the voluntary work she does within the police.

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Rod revealed that sometimes she doesn’t get in until the early hours of the morning and he got her a driver to pick her up from her shifts to make sure she is safe.

He said: “I always send a driver to go and pick her up at night to make sure she is safe and I’m always calling her driver saying, ‘have you got her on board?’.

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