Rocket League Sideswipe launches worldwide today

Progression levels up mobile game and main Rocket League.

Rocket League Swideswipe has now launched worldwide for both iPhones and Android devices.

This is the same football-in-cars Rocket League you know and have probably played before, but now retuned for mobile play.

Matches are now two-minute-long 1v1 or 2v2 affairs, for instance, played out using touchscreen controls and a new side-on perspective – hence the name.

Sideswipe has been in testing for much of this year, although only available in certain regions. Today it puts on its big boy boots and launches in the wild across the world.

Download the game now and you’ll find Swideswipe in “Pre-Season” mode, where you’ll earn XP for both it and the main Rocket League when logged in using the same Epic Games account. Each win in Sideswipe also logs a “Bonus Win” in Rocket League.

Tempted to try? You can download it now via the App Store or Google Play.


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