'Rishi Sunak's miserly spending review proves he is another cold-hearted Tory'

Nobody is doubting the scale of the economic crisis caused by Covid.

The country is facing a period of high unemployment, growing debt and low growth.

Rishi Sunak yesterday had the chance to ease some of the pain caused by the downturn.

A Chancellor with a sense of equality and justice could have asked the richest to pay more through a wealth tax and closing capital gains loopholes. Instead, he opted to make those with the least stump up the most.

The miserly 37p rise in benefits will do nothing to help the 4.2million children in poverty.

Nor was there any sign he will keep the £20- a-week increase in Universal Credit that has proved a lifeline for some many households.

His decision to freeze public sector pay is an insult to frontline workers who served us so brilliantly in the pandemic.

And no-one should be fooled by the £250 a year he is offering those earning under £24,000 a year. This amounts to a pay cut with inflation factored in.

For all Sunak’s slickness, these measures prove he is just another cold-hearted Tory.

This year’s Mirror appeal is for Save the Children

Greatest gift

Christmas should be a special time of year for children.

Kids are already looking forward to gifts under the tree and a slap-up family feast.

Yet for some it will be a very different experience. Their parents will be too poor to buy them the present they want or put a proper meal on the table.

That is why our Christmas Appeal this year is for Save the Children.

Every pound you can donate will help towards a child in the UK getting a hot meal or buy them a small present or a learning pack.

Together, we can help save a kid’s Christmas.

Diego Maradona

Heavenly Diego

No player captured the sheer magic of football better than Diego Maradona.

Even England fans forgave him for knocking us out of the World Cup. He battled demons off the pitch but played like an angel on it – with a helping hand from God.


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