Richard Tice reveals REAL reason the EU is desperate for Britain to stay in the bloc

Richard Tice explained the EU is “essentially bust” without the UK’s financial contributions, and that is why Brussels heavyweights keep saying they “regret” and the 2016 referendum result. On Wednesday the European Parliament debated Brexit and numerous MEPs from across the bloc said how they “regretted” the UK’s decision to leave. But Mr Tice has said their only regret is the loss of Britain’s money and reiterated the Brexit Party’s stance that the UK must leave the EU without a deal to rid Britain of the EU’s “daft rules and regulations”.

Mr Tice told “We were one of the main financial contributors so if we leave someone else has got to pick up our exuberant bill.

“I’ve been saying for months that without our £39 billion the EU is essentially bust.

“That’s why they are so desperate for us to pay the money and we have been foolish enough to accept it.”

Nigel Farage has repeatedly condemned the clause in Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement that forces Britain to hand over £39billion when we leave the EU.

The substantial fee is to pay for commitments the UK had already made while a member state, as well as for a two-year implementation period.

Boris Johnson has suggested that if Britain leaves the bloc without a deal, the £39billion divorce payment was not “strictly speaking owed”.

But the EU hit out at the Prime Minister’s remarks and threatened that failure to pay could hamper the UK’s chances of negotiating a free-trade agreement after withdrawal.

A European Commission spokesman said a settlement was “essential” to getting the new relationship onto a good footing.

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He said the Brexit Party do not want Mr Johnson to get a tweaked version of Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement as it is “the worst deal in history”.

Mr Tice warned that if the Prime Minister presents a Brexit deal to Parliament, his party will work to persuade Tory MPs to reject the “dreadful deal”.

He said: “We don’t want him to get a deal at all.

“If he does get any form of tweak and bring it back to the House of Commons then we in the Brexit Party will be working very hard to persuade Conservative MPs to show some backbone and not sell the country down the river by rejecting the dreadful deal.”

Mr Tice warns the deal would fail the Commons, as he is sure enough Tory MPs would realise it is a “terrible deal”.

Instead, the MEP says a clean break is “ultimately the best deal for the UK” as it immediately gives power back to Britain.



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