RHOP's Monique Samuels Details How Her Childhood Triggered Fight With Candiace Dillard

The answer, according to Monique, was when Candiace “swiped her hand too close to my face.” 

Monique and her therapist then began working to figure out why that’s an issue for her, which led her to recall an incident from her childhood when she was “beaten up by a little boy,” as well as her dad: “That was actually the way he parented.”

“He was very much a person that would stick his finger right in your face like, ‘What’d I say?!’ and as a child, you can’t do anything about it,” Monique told Justin. “And in that moment is when I broke down in that session and my therapist was like, ‘Okay now this is starting to make sense why something that seems so small and insignificant to other people is major to you.’ She said it’s almost like that 5-year-old, 6-year-old Monique jumped out and said, ‘You are not going to put your hand in my face.'”

Still, Monique isn’t saying these are excuses. “I really wanted to investigate what my triggers were, what would cause me to get to that point,” the mom of three said. “So now that I’m more aware of what those triggers are, nothing like this will happen again.”

Today, the RHOP star is still in therapy—and only has more growth to look forward to. As she explained, “We have not slowed down the process and it’s been amazing.”


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