Resident Evil 4 VR gets free Mercenaries DLC in 2022, leaked video reveals

Resident Evil 4 VR gets The Mercenaries DLC in 2022 as part of a free update, a leaked video has revealed.

As reported by UploadVR, an announcement video for The Mercenaries was today uploaded to Oculus’ YouTube channel before it was set as unlisted. The internet, as you’d expect, spotted the video, and you can even watch it via a link.

The Oculus Quest 2-exclusive VR remake of Resident Evil 4 launched last month, and Ian from Eurogamer’s YouTube team offered his impressions in the video below:

Developed by Armature studios, Resident Evil 4 VR features remastered art, 3D spatial sound, a new first-person perspective and a movement and comfort scheme that allows the game to be played in either seated, standing or room scale VR.

However, it launched without Mercenaries mode – an omission that drew complaints from fans. Mercenaries, which charges players with completing levels from the main game against the clock, launched with prior versions of Resident Evil 4 but not this VR release. With this video leak, we now know Mercenaries is coming next year.

“Resident Evil 4 is officially the fastest-selling app on Quest 2,” reads the official blurb within the YouTube video description.

“And it’s nominated for Best VR Game at The Game Awards. You may ask, ‘Is that all, stranger?’ No, we’re not done yet. The Mercenaries DLC is coming next year as a free update.”


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