Reinventing the fashion experience with 3D-data

Reinventing the fashion experience with 3D-data

We’re all feeling vulnerable and exposed right now. The ongoing pandemic has placed limitations and constraints on us all and on our industry: the fashion business is being put to the test. But – while it is a cliché – this challenge and the boost in online business also represents a huge opportunity. This might be the pivotal moment we cannot miss. Here is why…

Despite the online access we’ve overwhelmingly turned to, our age of endless data has done little to ensure that the next pair of jeans or shirt will actually be sized ‘right’. The sizing problem (and the related returns) is projected to grow if a solution isn’t found and scaled accordingly. It’s a challenge faced both by brands and society at large that needs an affordable and efficient solution: ours.

We at Treedy’s, a Belgium-based company that allows brands to digitalize the fashion experience, offer machine-learning-enabled size solutions. And our unique and affordable plug-and-play 3D scanners and algorithms ensure the right size for customers thanks to instantaneous, fully-clothed and precise scanning technology. In other words, you now don’t have to take it off… at all.

Reinventing the fashion experience with 3D-data

It’s fair to claim that we’ve reinvented the customer fashion experience, by providing brands and their customers with the right size first time round, thereby growing brand loyalty and future purchase intent – moving from ‘fit anxiety’ to ‘fit certainty’. It also enables brands to engage deeper with their customers and to bridge the gap between the online and the in-store fashion experience. And with a dedicated mobile app on the horizon, this only marks the beginning for our growing company.

Today, our technology – recognized for its reliability, affordability and overall excellence – is already in use with household global brands such as Amazon, Zalando and Nike. We are also thrilled to be working on a new important project with an international sporting goods retailer – you will read more about this exciting adventure in these columns soon!

It’s simple: Our revolutionary 3D scanning technology seeks to create a virtuous circle between customers and clothing brands thanks to rapidly deployable and scalable solutions that are genuinely ‘sized’ for the circular economy! Under-clothing, highly accurate measurement data empowers fashion brands to make the leap from analogue to digital clothing design. Additionally, this technology delivers a truly sustainable approach to product lifecycle management.

The time has come for hassle-free, highly efficient solutions that offer advantages to all the stakeholders of the fashion industry: customers, brands, supply chain actors and society at large.

At Treedy’s, we’ve developed such a solution, and we are ready to deploy it, precisely so you don’t have to take it all off.

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