Red Dead 2 Legendary animals map locations: Hard to find in RDR2 but worth the hunt

Red Dead Redemption 2 has many Legendary animals to find

Red Dead Redemption 2 has many Legendary animals to find (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot of side quests available to complete on PS4 and Xbox One.

And some of the most popular have to be those focused on hunting down the Legendary Animals in Red Dead 2.

Their locations aren’t always the easiest to track down and even when you have found them; hunting isn’t as easy as it first looks.

Some Legendary Animals can be risky to track down, triggering deadly scenarios that can leave you and Arthur Morgan in a bad way.

The good news is that while Legendary Animals are rare, they are seen as the pinnacle of their species.

That means that there are plenty of normal variants running around the map that you can practise your hunting skills on.

There are 16 Legendary Animals to encounter, not including the 13 Legendary Fish that can be caught.

And those who are ready to take on the challenge will need to be patient, as well as have the right supplies to track, hunt, and bait their prey.


Every time Arthur stumbles over a new Legendary Animal location, he’ll note it down on the map.

This will be highlighted with a crown, signifying that it is the apex of the species you can find on the map.

And players should be ready to spend their time going all over the map, with the best animals spread out from New Austin to the Grizzlies.

The good news is that you don’t have to score headshots or use certain weapons to score a perfect pelt, the bad news is that you can only kill them once.


The easiest Legendary Animal that can be found during Chapter 2, the Legendary Bear is part of the mission “Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego”.

This will give you the option to keep tracking the beast or return at a later time.

For those who decide to return, make sure to get back to O’Creagh’s Run in the Grizzlies, north of the lake. Also be sure to bring some firepower with you.

Legendary Alligator

The legendary Bullgator is south of Lagras, hiding out in the Lakay swamps in the region of Lemoyne.

Players will need to complete Chapter 4 story mission “Country Pursuits” before finding this beast.

Legendary Beaver

The legendary beaver is found west of the Van Horn Trading Post and Southeast of the Elysian Pool.

Legendary Boar

The boar is one of those encounters that could turn deadly and can be found in the Bluewater Marsh. This means exploring the northern edge of the Bayou Nwa.

Legendary Buck

The Buck won’t be threatening to hunt down, but it can move fast. RDR2 gamers will need to explore the Black Bone Forst, the area around MT Shan, northwest of West Elizabeth’s town of Strawberry.

This one stands out as a Legendary animal to catch early on, as the Antler Trinket can boost your pelt quality.

Legendary Cougar – Requires Chapter 6 completion

The Legendary Cougar may prove to be one of the toughest encounters and can mean a lot of travelling.

Head to the future RDR haunt of Tumbleweed in New Austin, around Gaptooth Ridge.

Legendary Coyote

The western part of Dewberry Creek, ranging into the Scarlett Meadows of Lemoyne is the best place to start your search.

Legendary Elk

Head north-east of Fort Wallace and skirt the border of New Hanover and Ambarino to start tracking this big fella.

Legendary Fox

Low to the ground and hard to spot, the Legendary Fox is north of Rhodes and usually east of Mattock Pond.

Legendary Moose

Many players have reported running into the Legendary Moose marker by accident when they’re scouring the edges of the map.

This will mean heading to the very northeast area of the map, using the Brandywine Drop river as a guide.

Legendary Panther

Another tough customer, the Legendary Panther only unlocks after you have completed 9 Master Hunter Challenges.

When this has been done, the woods near Bolger Glade will be a good starting point, usually west of Shady Belle.

Legendary Pronghorn – requires chapter 6 completion

The legendary pronghorn is another trek for weary travellers as it’s located in New Austin.

South of Fort Mercer but not as far as the river running down the southern edge of the map.

Legendary Ram

The Legendary Ram is found closer to home and east of Valentine, across the Dakota River while aiming east of Cattail Pond.

Legendary Tatanka Bison – requires chapter 6 completion

The Legendary Tatanka Bison is located in Hennigan’s Stead and will mean another trip to New Austin.

Some Legendary Animals can prove to be deadly to encounter

Some Legendary Animals can prove to be deadly to encounter (Image: ROCKSTAR Games)

Legendary White Bison

The Legendary White Bison can be turned into a ridiculous hat and is found on the north shore of Lake Isabella.

Sometimes exploring near the little Grizzlies peninsula can help kick off the clues needed to find it.

Legendary Wolf

The Legendary Wolf isn’t far from the Legendary Elk, and you may even run into its territory while looking for the former.

Be prepared to hang out around the Cotorra Springs, not far from the Wapati Reservation and Dakota River.

The Legendary Animals challenge should take you a while to complete and can be followed by catching all the Legendary Fish.

The main benefit from completing the Legendary Animal missions is so that you can unlock new outfits and build special talismans.

These Talismans and trinkets can offer small buffs, with the Legendary Buck a great starting point for anyone in the pelts business.


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