Rebel Wilson sexually harassed by 'big time' director and 'disgusting' movie co-star

Movie star Rebel Wilson has recalled two experiences of sexual harassment in the movie world, with one incident involving an unnamed actor four other women also complained about on set

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Rebel Wilson opens up on sexual harassment incidents during career

Rebel Wilson has recalled being sexually harassed at work on two separate occasions.

The Australian actress – who recently spoke about the pushback from her management before her recent weight loss – was first subjected to unwanted harassment in her twenties, by a “big time” movie director in a hotel room.

The second incident occurred on a film set in Los Angeles, when an unnamed actor invited her to his trailer and behaved in a “disgusting” and inappropriate way.

Rebel, 41, told the BBC how years on, she now has the courage to speak out against such vile behaviour.

Retelling her first experience of sexual harassment in the movie industry, the Pitch Perfect star tells how she was invited to chat with a “big time” film director in his hotel room in Australia, whom she thought wanted to “talk about comedy”.

Rebel Wilson has been speaking out about her ‘disgusting’ experiences of sexual harassment


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“He kept trying to give me more and more alcohol,” she recalls.

She then tells the broadcaster how the director then took a call from his wife and she was left “sitting on the couch” and able to hear his call through the speaker of the phone.

“She started saying, ‘you’ve got Rebel in that hotel room, you were going to sleep with her…’ I heard the message.

“That was the first time I thought, ‘oh my god, what is this? What’s going on?’

The actress at the 2021 AACTA Awards in Sydney on Wednesday night


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The newly slimmed-down star looked stunning as she walked the red carpet outside Sydney Opera House

She adds: “If I hadn’t had heard her voice on the phone, screaming through the phone, what could’ve happened?”

Rebel then recalls hastily leaving the room and never going on to discussing the disturbing encounter with anyone.

The Bridemaids star then moves on to revisit the second incident on sexual harassment, which occurred years later on an American film set.

Rebel explains how she was invited to a male co-star’s trailer where he went on to drop his trousers upon her entering and asked her to perform a lewd act, as his male friends watched and filmed on their phones.

Rebel does not name anyone involved in either incident

The actress does not name the actor or any of his friends present in the trailer.

“I was in shock, I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ Just kept saying, ‘no, what is this?’ Like, ‘no, no, no’,” the star painfully reminisces to the BBC.

“His buddies are laughing and he’s kind of clearly getting off on it.”

Rebel continues to state that the incident occurred before the Me Too movement and she “didn’t quite know what to do” as she was in a foreign country.

The star says she would have the strength to call out disgusting behaviour should it happen again

The Australian star did call her agent at the time and they reported the unnamed actor to the studio – with it transpiring that Rebel was the fourth woman to complain about the male star.

Rebel remained on the unnamed project as she “felt like it was the professional thing to do”, but confesses that things would pan out differently if a similar incident was to occur again.

“Now I have the courage to be like, OK, that is disgusting,” she declares in her interview.

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