Reality TV Couple Check In: Who's Still Together and Who Split in 2020

One of the most solid couples during the seasonal show’s run, their journey ended with Faith committing to moving across the country to be with her detective boyfriend. 

But the move never happened and a clearly hurt Faith stressed they were both “single” during the reunion.

“Things didn’t go exactly as planned,” Anthony explained of their stalled romance. “COVID hit, it’s been tough fighting through the distance…so we’re still working out certain things and it’s still possible something special can happen with me and her.”

While their cast mates expressed doubts about his level of commitment, Anthony told Faith, “I’m in love with you,” but was concerned he was rushing her to move. 

After the special aired, Faith took to her Instagram to defend Anthony from criticism, writing, “I’m thankful to have met Anthony, because he’s shown me that I’m capable of giving someone my heart again. There’s no one else I would’ve rather had by my side throughout this wild ride. You got me in your corner for life.”


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