Rangers legend Ally McCoist goes viral with 'absolutely amazing' Euro commentary

Rangers legend Ally McCoist ended up going viral after setting social media alight with his ‘absolutely’ amazing commentary skills during Euro 2020.

The former footballer turned pundit began trending on Twitter following his stellar commentary alongside Clive Tyldesley during the Euro 2020 qualifiers.

Fans have suggested that he bring out an app featuring the sounds of McCoist as well as a drinking game featuring some of his best phrases.

One said: ‘I want Ally McCoist to follow me around all day commenting on my life. It will certainly make it instantly less bland.”

Another added: “Ally McCoist might well be the best Co-Commentator on the planet.”

Someone else confirmed: “Ally McCoist the only scot I need in the Euros.”

Another even suggested a petition in his favour, asking: “Petition to have Ally McCoist co-commentate every football match ever. brill.”

A fifth suggested : “New drinking game, 1 shot every time Ally McCoist says “ABSOlutely.”

and a sixth: “I might respect Ally McCoist as a Rangers legend but he should bring out an app called The Sounds of McCoist including: “Am tellin ye, am tellin ye” “Ah’ve got to say” “Absolutely” .”


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