Raheem Sterling and Emilia Clarke among celebs urging people to register to vote

Raheem Sterling and Emilia Clarke are among a host of celebrities encouraging people to register to vote before tonight’s deadline.

It comes after Stormzy caused a huge 351,000 spike in voter registration last night.

The grime artist took to social media, urging “every single person” who saw his message to register to vote.

According to the gov.uk website, the number of applications to register soared to 351,000 between 24 -25 November.

The same 24 hours saw an extra 104,300 people aged between 18-24 register to vote.

Now even more celebrities are using their star power to encourage people to register before tonight’s 11.59pm deadline.

Raheem Sterling encouraged his fans to register before tonight’s deadline

Raheem Sterling posted number tweets directing his 2.2million followers to the government’s voting registration site.

The Manchester City player wrote: “My guys this is a public service announcement. The deadline to register to vote in the General Election is 23:59 today! In one of the most important elections of our generation, make sure you have your say! It takes just 5 minutes… REGISTER NOW.”

Actor James Purefoy, known for playng Mark Antony in Rome, also encouraged his fans to register with multiple tweets.

He wrote: “THIS IS THE LAST DAY YOU CAN REGISTER TO VOTE!!! If you don’t vote, you really can’t complain when the Tories hollow this country out and make it so much worse than they already have done. #RegisterToVote “.

Emilia Clarke shared a video on Instagram of her holding up placards reminiscent of that famous Love Actually scene.

Fans loved Emilia Clarke’s video on Instagram

In the clip, the Game of Thrones star waves at the camera before holding up a a piece of paper that says: “Dear UK – register to vote!”

The next one reads: “DO IT NOW. Tuesday 26th November is the deadline!” while the third one says: “YOU HAVE A VOICE.”

Emilia then shakes the final one, which says “USE IT” at the camera as she smiles and flexes her arm.

She captioned the post: “Nuff said. #registertovote#doit#yourvoicematters

Johnny Vegas wrote the address on his hand

Alexander Olly, lead singer of pop band Years & Years, tweeted: “it’s the last day u can register to vote in the uk! YOUR VOTE MATTERS !!! YOU CAN VOTE FOR WHOEVER YOU WANT !!! research them and do ya thing! just please vote 🙂 i’m voting labour !!!.”

Comedian Johnny Vegas added his two cents saying: “Anyone with a voice, wether we agree or not, I implore you #RegisterToVote otherwise, talk to the hand (old school diss)

“Sincerely, shape your future by voting for what you believe in, what is worth defending and what might be lost if we don’t make ourselves heard.”

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Saskilla, one of the rappers involved in the #Grime4Corbyn movement, encouraged people to get to a phone or laptop to make sure they’re registered.

He said: “Yo man aye aye aye, it’s Saskilla telling you man. 11.59 it’s the last time we could register to vote.

“These people you know what it is man we need to register to vote, we need to make a difference.

“It only takes two minutes. Get down to whatever laptop, whatever phone, whatever system you’ve got. Register to vote, this is the last time we can make a stance, come on.”

Saskilla urged his fans to register to vote

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General election manifesto policies 2019

If you have never voted, have moved constituency or have turned 18 recently then you will need to register if you have not done so already.

You can even get yourself on the register if you are 16 or 17 but you will need to have turned 18 before the election date to actually be eligible to vote.

The deadline is tonight, Tuesday November 26th, at 11.59pm.


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