RAC launches warranty for used electric cars

The RAC has launched a warranty scheme for second-hand electric and hybrid cars.

a car parked on the side of a building: Renault Zoe

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Renault Zoe

It can be applied to any used electric or hybrid car, up to a maximum of eight years old and with up to 80,000 miles on the clock at the time of purchase. Cover is available for a variety of periods up to 24 months, while claims can be made up to a limit of the vehicle purchase price.

The warranty covers components in the electric drivetrain and charge system, with the exception of the batteries. These are generally already covered by long manufacturer warranties, the RAC says.

‘Building consumer confidence’

a car parked on the side of a building: Nissan Leaf

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Nissan Leaf

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Electric cars – from plug-ins through to conventional hybrids – are starting to appear on the used market in greater numbers, something that will gather huge momentum in the coming years,” said RAC director of electric vehicles Sarah Winward-Kotecha.

“This new warranty, which provides the most comprehensive level of warranty cover that the RAC has yet offered on any vehicle, delivers peace of mind to electric car buyers, especially the vast majority who will be moving away from petrol or diesel power for the first time.” 

“Indeed, we’re confident it could play a key part in helping to build widespread consumer confidence in electric cars and hybrids as an attractive and reliable choice right across the used car market. 

“Given the profile of the likely buyer and the age of the vehicles, we are expecting dealers to typically offer six or 12 months of cover using this warranty when a consumer buys a car and then give them the option of an upgrade to the full 24-month maximum.”


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