PS5 Amazon customer receives toilet paper and fan heater, not console

Meanwhile, some poor bloke who needs to use the loo and is really cold has been gifted a PS5 (Credits: Caters News Agency)

After a couple of delays, one unlucky gamer admits to being angry and disappointed that he hadn’t received the PS5 he managed to pre-order.

Managing to secure a PlayStation 5 pre-order was difficult enough, but several unlucky customers still never received their consoles in the end.

Not only have some deliveries suffered from delays, but a number of people who ordered via Amazon were given completely different items like cat food instead.

And it appears the Amazon saga continues, as one PlayStation 5 buyer has revealed that they never got their console either.

Robert Russell, a 24-year old from Corby, Northamptonshire, told Caters News Agency that he was ‘buzzing with excitement’ when he managed to grab a PlayStation 5 pre-order after waiting at his laptop for two hours for them to go live on November 19, the day of release.

His delivery didn’t arrive until November 22, though, and when he opened the box he found, not the new console he had paid £450 for, but a packet of kitchen roll, two packets of toilet roll, two packets of A4 paper, and a small fan heater.

‘When I lifted the lid and saw what was inside the box, I was speechless, but my parents just started laughing. I really didn’t think it was funny, I was swearing a lot,’ said Russell.

‘I was in complete shock; I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had been sent kitchen roll, toilet roll, a fan heater and A4 paper instead of my PlayStation. I was so angry. … The worst thing about it was that it was so neatly packed into the box and weighed the same as the PlayStation.’

Russell will now have to wait until stock becomes available again (Credits: Caters News Agency)

Russell’s order had already been delayed twice. After he was told it wouldn’t arrive until November 21 he asked his mum to take it in for him, since he wasn’t available that day.

The delivery never turned up but Russell received a message saying that an attempt was made. Russell contacted Amazon and it assured him the console would arrive the next day.

Thankfully, Russell was able to get a refund from Amazon, but it doesn’t change the fact that he still doesn’t have a PlayStation 5.

‘I am glad and very relieved that they have offered me a refund, but that still doesn’t really help me because I now can’t get a PlayStation. They’re sold out everywhere and they won’t be restocked until later next year.

‘So, I am still missing out. I don’t want a refund; I just want a PlayStation 5. I am gutted and I still can’t believe what I had received instead of my PlayStation.’

Sony has actually promised to restock the console one more time before Christmas, although a scalper group has threatened to buy up all the stock as soon as it becomes available.

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