Proud women share their incredible makeup skills in before and after trend

When we’re sharing a picture of ourselves with the world, naturally we want to make sure that it’s the best it can possibly be – and these women are showing how it’s done.

Proud women are taking to TikTok to share their incredible makeup skills in a ‘before and after’ trend that is sweeping the social media site.

The women, some of whom refer to themselves as ‘catfishes’, have shared videos showing themselves before their makeup routines, then, with a snap of their fingers, they are transformed and the rest of the video shows them with their hair and makeup just so.

Countless videos have been uploaded and TikTok users have been quick to comment on the posts, saying how the women look completely different at the end of the video compared to the beginning.

One woman decided to reverse the trend and started with full makeup and slowly stripped it away, revealing her natural beauty, and one user couldn’t believe it was the same person.

A TikTok influencer
Countless videos have been uploaded to TikTok showing the incredible transformations

A TikTok influencer
Many of the videos have received thousands of views and flurries of comments

The trend on TikTok has had around 170,000,000 views on the social media platform and more videos are uploaded every day.

One user, Jessy Volk, has received millions of likes and over 482,000 followers for her videos that are all focussed around beauty and makeup.

One user commented: “You’re flawless.”

Another added: “I don’t get the catfish thing – you’re so pretty before and after.”

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While one person said: “All the freaking love to you.”

Meanwhile, a photographer named Rankin once did a project named Selfie Harm, which showed the extreme lengths teenagers are prepared to go to for that perfect picture.

And celebrities like Kylie Jenner have spoken out about selfie culture, saying how damaging it can be for young women.

While some cosmetic companies have been praised for the way they are tackling the issue.

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