Priti Patel hails ‘exciting agenda’ for UK and US under Joe Biden: We move on now


cabinet minister today declared “we move on now” as Britain was putting the Donald Trump era behind it even before he had left the White House.

Home Secretary Priti Patel told of the “exciting agenda” ahead for the UK and US under incoming president Joe Biden.

She spoke of the start of a “new political era” and for the need for the US and Britain to show “global leadership” together to deal with a series of challenges such as climate change and security.

But she highlighted the tasks facing Mr Biden in terms of uniting a deeply divided America and of “stepping up to really confront and address many of the global challenges”.

Speaking to Sky News, Ms Patel said: “We have an incredibly strong relationship wth the United States of America.

“Our government will always work with the president and his incoming team.

“In terms of the Trump administration, we have worked very strongly with the outgoing president’s administration on a range of issues, not withstanding the fact that a great deal has happened over his tenure as president, all sorts of international events, he has been very robust in terms of particular posture when it comes to parts of the world, such as the Middle East.

“But quite frankly we move on now.”

She stressed that Boris Johnson had already “been in touch” with Mr Biden, who will be the 46th president of America.

“We have got an exciting agenda as two strong democratic countries, coming together that will be working together on a range of issues,” she explained.

“As we go into this year, we are holding the presidency of the G7, we are chairing the UN Security Council, we will be hosting the COP (environmental) conference, we have got a whole agenda on climate change.

“So for us it’s very much business as usual with a new team at this very exciting time, this big hand-over, this change in power structures, bases, politics in the United States.”

She continued: “Today is a historic day, it’s inauguration day in the United States. It’s a moment of change with a new administration coming in and you would expect the British Government, the government across the United Kingdom, looks forward to working with president Joe Biden and his administration on a whole range of issues where we have shared interests, on security of our collective countries, the safety and security of the world…in terms of internationalism, bilateral relations, multilateralism going forward.

“There’s a lot going on in the world right now.. it’s important that our two nations come together and show global leadership.”

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Pressed on whether Democrat Mr Biden would be “better” for America than Republican Mr Trump, she responded: “There is a change in presidency but as ever, when administrations change the world changes, the direction of travel…political leaders will always reflect some of the challenges and changes that we see going on domestically and internationally.

“A new political era is now starting in America and there is a lot to do globally…certainly uniting the United States at the end of the Trump administration…but also stepping up to really confront and address many of the global challenges that we face collectively and America has an enormous role to play in terms of global leadership and we look forward to supporting America on many of those challenges.”


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