Prince George snap was ‘wake-up call Harry and Meghan wouldn’t be royal superstars'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle experienced a “wake up call” after the Palace released a photo featuring the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George, a royal commentator claims.

Soon after the stunning snap of the four generations was released at the beginning of 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shocked the world as they announced their departure from the royal family.

Royal author Andrew Morton claimed that the photo may have suggested to the Sussex’s that the “entire institution was conspiring against them” inspiring their decision to leave.

The four generational snap was a "wake up" call to the Sussex's
The four generational snap was a “wake up” call to the Sussex’s

However, royal commentator Neil Sean suggested that while the photo had made the now ex-royals consider their position, he definitely didn’t think it was the catalyst for their radical decision to step back.

Neil studied the picture and observed that it showed “a new, streamlined monarchy.”

He said: “We have Prince Charles, Prince George, and of course, Her Majesty the Queen. And this was going to be showing, alongside William, where the next phase is.

“Well of course, if you look at the picture, it makes perfect sense. Obviously that is the next line-up.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex 2021 Christmas card
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex 2021 Christmas card

Neil claimed that Harry and Meghan’s plans for a change had been in the woodwork long before the picture’s release.

“Harry and Meghan had decided more or less within the first few months of meeting that they could have a different life,” he suggested.

“It wasn’t exactly mapped out word for word, what we’ve ended up with, but certainly for Prince Harry, he wanted to have a different role in his life.

“We’d seen that already with him trying to branch out within the military, and of course, alongside Kate and William, he started those mental health charities.”

Neil didn’t think the generational photo was the final straw, but claimed: “I do believe that it could have been something of a wake-up call to realise that perhaps he and Meghan would never really truly be the superstars of the British monarchy.

“That’s not to say that they don’t garner as much more interest than other senior members of the British monarchy, but sometimes it can be the wrong interest.”

This comes as another royal commentator suggested that Harry might avoid attending the Oscars because he didn’t like Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of his late mother Princess Diana.

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