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Morland Sanders wants to know what’s better than electric, or if it can be beat. Photo: Channel 4

The electric car has been a staple of eco-revolutionary rhetoric, and it’s easy to see why. They don’t require fossil fuel, are very efficient machines, and can outlast many other car models due to a more compact engine. However, does ‘electric’ necessarily mean green? What concerns should we think about before sinking thousands into electric motors?

Dispatches reporter and electric car owner Morland Sanders asks if Britain’s charging network is good enough to keep you going flat out, or set to leave you flat as a pancake? He also looks at whether hybrid electric cars are as green as believed. And will your electric car still be able to get you all the way home when it’s a few years old – or by then will we all be running on empty?

After all is said and done, do electric cars outweigh diesel and petrol engines, or is the contest arbitrary to begin with? Is there another way to travel that doesn’t depend on everyone owning their own vehicle?

The Truth About Electric Cars: Dispatches – Monday at 8.30pm on Channel 4


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