Premier League players’ lockdown breaches ‘disgusting’, says senior figure at television rights holder

Premier League players breaching coronavirus rules have been branded “disgusting” by a senior figure within one of its television rights holders, who says they should be sacked.

A number of top-flight stars were caught attending or hosting events over the Christmas and New Year period which broke national guidelines on households mixing.

An unnamed individual within a large rights holder told the PA news agency: “Our view is that some of the behaviour has been disgusting and unacceptable.

“If any of your colleagues broke the rules and endangered lives – forget the commercial damage – they would be fired.

“Never mind that ordinary people pay players’ bills. Why should players be treated any differently? If anything there should be greater repercussions on them due to their privileged position and onus of responsibility.

“It can mean planned broadcasts having to be shut down at the last minute and having to be rescheduled for later on. The more that conduct continues, the longer period of time ultimately there could be without football and without fans, and the longer the product looks different.

“All this disruption is caused by people who ultimately we as broadcasters are paying a huge amount of money to. I have never understood why some players think they’re immune from the rules the rest of society is expected to follow.”

Top-flight clubs already face substantial rebates for the delays to the 2019/20 season and the subsequent need to cram matches into a smaller schedule. So far four Premier League matches have been postponed this season due to coronavirus, but the league remains confident in its protocols given the “low numbers of positive tests across the overwhelming majority of clubs”.

Widespread postponements or a further pause to competition could lead to further discussions between broadcasters and the league around rebates, which in turn could cost clubs millions of pounds in expected revenue.

The Premier League is understood to have discussed ensuring Covid-19 protocols are closely followed, on a range of issues from hugging and handshakes after a goal is scored to safety at training grounds and pre-match accommodation. Forty players and staff tested positive in the last two rounds of testing in late December and early January.

The Football Association (FA) cannot charge the players with bringing the game into disrepute over the breach of Covid rules because they did not take place in a football-related setting.

Its jurisdiction over private matters only extends, and even then only since the start of this season, into matters related to discriminatory behaviour.

The breaches of coronavirus rules are more akin to a drink-driving offence, which the FA also has no jurisdiction over.

There are concerns that the FA Cup third round could face significant disruption this weekend due to Covid.


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