Pregnant Lauren Goodger battling anxiety attacks but now getting help

Lauren Goodger has revealed the worst thing about her pregnancy has been suffering from anxiety.

The former TOWIE star, who is due to give birth to a daughter next month, has had several panic attacks since she discovered she was expecting, including a three-day episode when she thought she was going to die.

She told new! magazine: “The hardest thing about pregnancy is my anxiety and not being able to move how I want.”

In April, Lauren was understandably stressed when she couldn’t feel her baby moving. She went straight to hospital for tests. She told the Sun: “I didn’t feel the baby move and I didn’t feel myself, so I was advised to go and have a check-up. As a new mum you worry, but the baby is all fine and perfect.

“As you know I’ve always been honest about how I’m feeling.”

Lauren and Charles revealed she's expecting a baby girl
Lauren and Charles revealed she’s expecting a baby girl

The Essex businesswoman, aged 34, who revealed she suffered a miscarriage in 2013, continued: “My anxiety is my heart so that was a trigger for me.

“Doctors and my close friends who suffer severe panic disorder are always the first to tell you panic attacks make your body feel like its having a heart attack due to the massive rush of adrenaline trying to escape your body any way it can. You get chest pains, palpitations and even shooting pains in your arm.

Lauren's partner Charles is helping her with her anxiety
Lauren’s partner Charles is helping her with her anxiety

“It’s scary because you don’t understand what’s going on and that’s why you think you’re dying.”

While she admits that she doesn’t think she’ll ever totally be fear-free, Lauren has taken steps to ensure that she can managed her emotions through the support of her partner, Charles Drury, and by getting help from a medical professional.

“I don’t think I’m fully over it, I’ve had a couple of anxiety episodes recently because I’ve been stressed out. I feel those are natural emotions and I’m having support from my midwife.

“I feel like I’m always going to have a little bit of anxiety and Im going to get a bit of help.

“.But I do feel so much better and I haven’t had an episode like when I went to the hospital which is good.,” she added.

And Lauren is also considering having therapy to cope. She continued: “It’s something I’m thinking about. It’s so important to keep your mental health in check while pregnant.”


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