Porsche: petrol-engined 911 has long future

The iconic Porsche 911 will continue to be petrol-powered beyond the next ten years, thanks to efficiency improvements to petrol engines and the use of synthetic fuels.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said: “I’m a big fan of the 911 and we will continue [with a petrol engine] as long as we are able to. The secret is to think about more efficient petrol engines and in 10 years’ time perhaps, the use of synthetic gasoline.

“We are now in a very early period to do that, it’s still very expensive, but thinking 10 years ahead, it will be an option. For the 911, it fits perfectly.

He added that Porsche is also planning a hybrid 911, as previously reported in Autocar: “The only thing we think to add one day is a very high-performance hybrid 911, like we are used to having on our race tracks in the WEC.”

Petrol-engined cars is one of three pillars in Porsche’s strategy, the other two being hybrids and pure electric models.

“We have a very clear strategy for next 10 to 15 years,” said Blume. “We will continue with our petrol engines and we will continue with our very successful hybrid offers. We are always thinking about how to engineer a performance hybrid and that achievement is, I think, the reason behind the success of the hybrid Panamera and now Cayenne.”

Its third pillar, electric, is lead by the new four-door Taycan, to be followed by the Taycan Cross Turismo next year and an electric Macan in 2022.

Beyond those three electric cars, Blume said: “Looking to the future, we are very flexible because the different regions of the world will develop differently, in terms of infrastructure, the needs of people.

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