Police should come armed with face masks | Brief letters

At my local garage, three police officers were buying coffee recently. None wearing masks. Do police personnel routinely take lateral flow tests? Is it controversial to say that when people don’t wear masks, other people unnecessarily get hospitalised and some die? Or to say that when people in authority don’t wear masks, others think, “Why should I?” Daily cases on Sunday: 40,004.
James Bance
Ruislip, London

Re the oldest Christmas puddings (Letters, 19 November), might I mention a visit to the Wagner museum in Lucerne, Switzerland. After gazing reverently at an unidentifiable black object, I found a label claiming: “This bread roll was used at the first performance of Parsifal.” Do not bring me your old puddings unless they are museum specimens.
Anne Cowper

Surprising news from the London School of Economics that lobsters have feelings (Boiling of live lobsters could be banned in UK under proposed legislation, 19 November). I wasn’t aware that people involved in economics considered the feelings of others.
Niall Gormley
Moyne, County Longford

Please tell your Wordsearch compiler to be accurate and say: “Can you find 15 male philosophers, artists, scientists…” It will save a lot of disappointment among us optimistic readers.
Vivienne Anderson

Four print pages on Solskjaer’s exit from Manchester United (22 November). For goodness sake, he is a football manager – where’s your sense of proportion?
Dr Richard Carter
Putney, London

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