Pokémon Go finally getting AR photo mode

At last, Pokmon Go is getting an AR photo mode. It’s called Go Snapshot, and it’s coming very soon.

Up until now, you’ve only been able to take AR snaps of Pokmon while you’re catching them – which, if you’re catching a really rare ‘mon, is probably not your main priority.


Far better, then, to be able to take AR photos at your leisure – which is exactly what Go Snapshot is intended for.

The mode lets you throw out the Pokball of any creature in your collection and then take photos at will to save or upload directly onto social media.

A recent datamine of the game suggested there was new badge to be awarded if you take lots of pictures.

Pokmon Go developer Niantic has been testing this mode for some time – a standalone build of it was spotted being demoed last year. There’s no formal timeframe for it arriving, but Niantic traditionally releases its new features shortly after they have been publicly announced.

It’s the closest we may ever get to a new Pokmon Snap…


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