Pokémon Company to sue fans over Pokémon Sword and Shield leaks

This looks like a job for Detective Pikachu (pic: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Discord and 4chan are being served with subpoenas to help track down the four people behind the Pokémon Sword and Shield leaks.

Although leaks are commonplace for almost every game nowadays there are some companies where it’s almost unknown for information to slip out early.

Nintendo, and by association The Pokémon Company, are usually watertight with their info but somehow almost everything managed to leak out about Pokémon Sword and Shield ahead of time, including the exact pokémon in the game and details of new, previously unseen designs.

That’s not something The Pokémon Company is used to and it’s so upset at what happened that it’s attempting to sue those responsible – if it can work out who they are.

A lawsuit in the U.S. reveals they’re looking for four individuals who posted information on Discord and 4chan, before subsequently ending up on every corner of the Internet.

The problem for The Pokémon Company is that they don’t seem to have any idea who the four people are and have named them in the lawsuit simply as ‘John/Jane Doe’.

That doesn’t mean they won’t find out though, as apparently they’ve hired experts to track the individuals down, with one ringleader thought to have given the initial leaked images to the other three.

According to Forbes, The Pokémon Company also intends to serve subpoenas to Discord and 4chan to force them to provide information.

Why anyone would leak the information for no personal gain, given how litigious The Pokémon Company tends to be about this sort of thing, is a mystery. But it seems whoever it was had access to an advanced copy of a strategy guide, which is where the information and pictures came from.

But just because the games are out now it doesn’t mean anyone’s forgotten about the leaks and those responsible probably won’t be sleep too soundly for a long while to come.

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