Podcast: We need to talk about … the power of positive news coverage

What are the effects of negative news on our mental health and sense of empowerment? How does it effect our trust in the media? Why historically has negative news become so prevalent at the expense of positive, solutions-focused, constructive news and could a more balanced picture of the world lead to greater empowerment and individual actions to make things better?

Joining the Guardian’s Executive editor for membership, Lee Glendinning, to discuss this and more is Dr Denise Baden, an Associate Professor within the University of Southampton Business School, whose research has looked into how people are affected by positive and negative news stories, Seán Dagan Wood, the editor-in-chief of Positive News – a current affairs magazine, publishing independent journalism about progress and possibility – and Sean is the co-founder of the Constructive Journalism Project, Giselle Green, Editor of Constructive Voices, an National Council for Voluntary Organisations project aimed at ensuring the positive impact of charities and social enterprises is heard and encouraging a more constructive, solutions-based approach to news coverage in general and finally, Mark Rice-Oxley, the Guardian’s head of special projects and series’ editor of The Upside – bringing together journalism that uncovers real solutions: people, movements and innovations offering answers to our most pressing problems.

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